David Paul Morris

Portfolio: Stories: Born With Aids

Stephanie Zepada is not your typical teenage girl. She was born with AIDS after being infected in her mothers womb. She doesn't look for sympathy and when she is not busy being a teenage girl she spends her time educating her fellow teens about the dangers of unprotected sex and the use of drugs.

Stephanie Zepeda, 16 years old and infected with AIDS since birth, has come to terms with a life more uncertain then most girls her age.
On stage at a school rally Stephanie
A tearful Stephanie Zepada, 17 'comes out' and she tells her story to her classmates at her high school in Stockton, CA
Stephanie (2nd left) has lunch with friends, Jennifer Hopkins, Sara Dunajski and Kim Luke.
At work in the local bowling alley, Stephanie gets ready to serve 3 year old Thomas Smith.
Stephanie waits to see the doctor in the waiting room at the Childrens hospital in Oakland.
Dr. Ann Petru draws blood from Stephanies arm at the Childrens Hospital in Oakland, California.
Stephanie shares some time with her mom, Brenda in her room.
Stephanie has a quiet moment in her room.